Annual Review 2016

Maintaining open access

IUA priorities and achievements 2016

Continue increase in number of Ordinary members

Two new members joined in 2016 and another in early 2017

Successful implementation of placing platform

PPL went live initially for terrorism business with financial and professional lines later added as a second class, followed subsequently by marine.

Conduct a full review of model wordings and clauses in light of Insurance Act 2015

Three new clauses were published and 17 existing clauses were revised to satisfy implementation of the Insurance Act. Further updated guidance was also published to take account of the Enterprise Act.

Increase international activities of IUA Secretariat

Services are now being provided to the Singapore Reinsurers Association and talks regarding affiliation have begun with DIFC Association in Dubai and General Insurance Council of India.

Successful implementation of phase one of Central Services Refresh Programme

The first part of the CSRP upgrade has gone live and extensive market acceptance testing has taken place.

Conduct survey on EU Referendum and respond accordingly

The survey was conducted, results published to members and the IUA participated in the referendum debate. Extensive representation of company interests has subsequently been carried out to support Brexit negotiations.